B i o g r a p h y

Welcome to Megartdrawings! 


My name is Meg Fisher and I'm an artist from Sydney Australia. I've been creating art since I could hold a pencil or brush.


I come from a family of creativity, my dad and my partner are both part time photographers, and my great uncle is a successful painter and has had many entries in the Archibald Prize competitions. Creativity seems to be in my blood and all around me, so really it is no surprise, it plays such a large part in my life.


There was a long drought in creating art though as I only started drawing again around 6 years ago after a pushing it to the back burner in my early twenties when life got too busy to find the time and there was “better things to do”.


I started to create again for "art for therapy" to deal with my health condition of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had gone from a fit, healthy 30 something, to someone who struggled to walk, and to do the things most people take for granted. The pain was endless, exhausting and chronic, and there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel.


My partner suggested to me that I should do something to take my mind off everything that was troubling me and he bought me some pens and a journal as he knew I used to like to draw. I started drawing in the journal which I called my Art for Therapy Journal. I would take it everywhere with me as it was pocket sized and  I would draw every day as much as I could, to take my mind off the stress of illness and the pain it brought with it.


I had gathered quite a collection of my creations at home and my partner suggested that I post these drawings on my Instagram account and I was surprised to find that there were other people out there, who were “just like me”. They were suffering from chronic illness, they had sick children or partners and parents, they suffered depression, etc. I wasn’t as alone as I had first felt, there was a community of people just like me and we connected.


They related to my journey, and we shared stories and artworks through art swapping, chatting via emails and messenger. In no time I had over 5,000 followers and some of those I am now lucky enough to call my friends as a result. They are from all over the world, proving that art for therapy is universal.


I have self-published two colouring books that I sell via my Instagram and Facebook account which is a mean feat given the current popularity of these sorts of books and battling against the mass produced market for sales of something which is handmade is a challenge.


I’ve also held Arty Party’s which I would attend a customer’s home with my creations, and we would all chat and have refreshments. It is amazing how everyone you speak to has a little “art” in them, but they lost it along the way whilst chasing the dream job, looking after the family, and just living life in general.


Seeing my art and talking about their past experiences in creating, ignites the art spark in them, and I often hear back from them with photos of the art they have created or the pages they have coloured from my books.


I am excited my art has connected me to this community of like minded people and the opporunities I have been blessed with along the way.



Personal Mission Statement: "to make the world a better place and connect to other like minded people one drawing at a time".