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A New Year - A New Start


We might be almost a month in, but I have managed to start the new year in creative style. I have a good feeling about 2017, my Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment is back on track, my health is better and I am in high spirits which means my ability to create art is flowing free.


I have been inspired by nature again for my latest pieces, as being out in the fresh air and grounding myself in nature gives me free spirit and inspiration to create.


I am working on another self funded colouring book and hoping to have an exhibition during the year showcasing my black and white designs. All I can say is "Watch this space, it is the year of MegArtDrawings".



Women inspired Series - under creation now May 15
Megardrawings Studio - The Ponds, NSW


I was sitting at my studio desk, pondering my drawings when I realised, that my drawings were following a bit of a theme... women!


So what a wonderful way to start a series. I am mapping out a list of women who inspire me or have been a part of my artistic journey and they will be captured Megartdrawings style.


Keep an eye out on my gallery, and in the store, prints will be up for sale.


Also follow me on instagram and facebook to see any additional posts that don't make it to my blog.


I hope you are all well - creating and happy! Yours in art - keep drawing!! Meg

Time Flies when you are having fun - November 1, 2014
Megardrawings Studio - The Ponds, NSW


I was sitting at my studio desk, pondering my drawings when I realised, the year had already nearly passed me by. What happened to it I thought, you are probably thinking the same. Here's an update to my absence from the website and many other places.


I started a new job in April 2014, as a Corporate Payroll Manager - it is very exciting and I love every minute of it. It also meant that my time to draw and post on social media became reduced.


In June 2014, my partner had a motorcycle accident - he was off work for 4 months. Times were crazy then with rehab and tests and doctors - although I did some drawing, I never had the time to post anything.


Now it is ramping up to Christmas, the days are going as fast as sand through an hourglass, but things are more in control and I hope to scan an upload all my drawings from the above journey soon, so I can share them with you.


I hope you are all well - creating and happy! Yours in art - keep drawing!! Meg

The Hiding Man - Water Colour and Sharpie - Dececember 30, 2013
Megardrawings Studio - The Ponds, NSW


I was sitting at my studio desk on a Monday afteroon, and I was totally lost. I had an artistic block and no matter what I was trying, it wouldn't budge. I decided to pull out the water colour paints I had had since I was 18 or so and give them a whirl. At first it was just a splish and a splash of paint, often at times being more on the table than the paper. Still disatisfied, I left it to dry, hoping that when I came back something would inspire me.


And surprisingly, one hour later, it did. I saw a face, a man's face.. "The Hiding Man".


Nearly two hours after that, I was finished, with what you can see to the left of this text.


Who is this hiding man? he looks tribal, an elder.. Was he my arty godfather? I would have to say this is the best drawing/portrait that I've ever done - well that I've ever done, it's a first.


What a lovely achievement to close off 2013. Looking forward to continuing this journey and finding people in my oaper/art.

Megartdrawings - an Arty Party - November 29, 2013

Host - Nicole, Emu Plains, NSW


It makes you feel awesome when somebody has faith in you and your artwork. Enough faith to suggest they throw an "arty party" for you to showcase your art and they invite their friends over as the customers.


At first I was sceptical, I've done a few markets, and I've done okay. But I've had other competition and there hasn't been the pressure of being all by myself. I thought to myself what the heck, if she has this faith in me, maybe I should too.


So at 6.30pm, I turned up to the event, table and artwork in hand. One hour into it, I had already sold over $150 worth of my art and I had taken orders for 3 consignment pieces and met a group of lovely ladies.


What I learnt: "Change comes from thinking thoughts you've never thought before and showing up to meet them down streets you've never walked before". Don't be afraid to take chances.


Thanks Nicole for having the faith in me. I had a very successful and fun evening and I can't wait to do it again in the near future.

The End of an Era - The passing of my Pop

​Reggie Fisher 1924-2013

Megartdrawings Studio - The Ponds, NSW

I was niave in the fact that I thought Pop was a superhero and would live forever. Of course we all know this isn't true. I was filled with mixed emotions.. Pop had a great innings at 89 and some months, and had packed so much into his life.


I picked up my pen and started drawing. I had to capture it, if not for myself, for my dad. This could be a wonderful keepsake for him. A reminder of all the great things that had happened in 89 years. All the things that Pop loved... Rum, Beer, The Roosters, his wife, his kids, the grandkids and great grandkids.


Two hours later and many tears, I ended up with this. It has now been printed, both myself and my grandmother have a copy and Dad has the original.


It was a great healing process and allowed me to accept that my Pop wasn't with me anymore.